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James Barr – A line in the sand

21. Oktober 2017 - 20:52 Uhr

History par excellence

A brilliant tale and a must read for everyone who wants to know why there is still war and hate in Palestine and Israel. „…that no one would be so stupid as to pursue a policy that was bound to cause trouble between the Arabs an the Jews.“
History can be boring when you are just presented with the facts or you have to sit in a class and listen to the teacher telling this and that. No wonder you cannot or want to remember what had happened. But history can also be very interesting when you are presented with background information and it can even be exciting when the facts are made up into a great story.
And this is what makes „A line in the sand“ so fantastic. When you read it the history seems to unfold in front of you on a big screen.
„Late in the morning of 16 December 1915…“, from here we wander through a world we think we know but i am sure you do not know the real story why Isreal was founded and why there is still hate between Jews and Muslims although they share so many values. Before the Israelis got their own country they used the same guerilla tactis the Palestinan now use. Would you guess a lot of the worries comes from the mistrust of two allies, two friends? Weiterlesen »

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